Point of Sale System
for Club Office


In today's world, integration and return on investment are what it's all about. SQLPos is directly integrated into Club Office Accounting as an optional add-on module. SQLPos workstations can be either "on-line" or standalone for even greater flexibility.

SQLPos comes with licenses for up to ten workstations per installation so you can start small and expand as your needs grow without incurring additional software cost or licensing fees. You can expand the system to up to 20 workstations by purchasing a system expansion license.


SQLPos screens are user-designed. You can design up to 100 different screen layouts of 50 buttons each to meet your individual sales areas or special needs. Here's an example of a golf course service counter. But notice that there's a button to display the bar or snack bar screens as well.

Virtually any button on any panel can be designated to perform any of the roughly 80 functions SQLPos provides. But that's not all. Each workstation can have its own set of 100 panels that are different from any other workstation! Hmmm... ten workstations x 100 panels equals 1000 panels of 50 buttons each - 50,000 buttons in total. That's a LOT of flexibility!

With SQLPos , you can design a workstation to perform only specific tasks. This makes training easier, faster and more consistent. In turn, this creates an user environment where there are fewer user mistakes, ensuring that the resulting sales data is more reliable.

SQLPos  with a bar code scanner and/or touch screen makes selling products and services quick, accurate, intuitive and easy.   TOP

In a bar operation one would likely have different options available than at the golf counter; for example, the creating and recalling of a customer "tab" or the ability to sell "another round" of beverages. You might create a "call" button to display still another panel that has all your expensive liquors.

Grouping like-items by location on the screen and/or color makes it easier and faster for servers to find the correct items to sell. The color choices are, of course, up to you.

What's more, you can control the background colors of the screens as well, because you may need more contrast in some areas where it's very bright (or even outdoors) but perhaps in the formal dining room, you may want a more subdued look. SQLPos puts you in control.   TOP

SQLPos makes splitting a sale between customers an easy task. After opening a new window with the "Split Ticket" function, you can move selected items from one window to the other. You can link each window to a specific customer.

The "combine tickets" function can be used to merge two tickets into one, making it easy for generous customers to "pick up the tab." There's even a "divide ticket" option to divide a check into multiple equal checks for large groups who want to pay separately.

"Save tab" stores a transaction in a central workspace so that it can be recalled from other workstations. Traditionally, this is a "hold" or "suspended" sale function to which you can add items until the customer is ready to pay. SQLPos has multiple hold sale types, one of which is "hold sale, send order" which triggers remote printing to a kitchen or expediter. New or added sale items that are designated to print to a kitchen, bar or other printer print at their respective locations.   TOP

Integrated credit card processing capability is provided by Merchant Partners, Mercury Payament Systems or Moneris Solutions. Standard pre-authorize/close functions are available for restaurants where add-on tipping is used, as well as for general retail sales in a golf or tennis pro shop.

Our three card processing partners offer lightning-quick,  Internet-based card processing networks and secure card processing capability at incredibly competitive rates. To use SQLPos credit card processing, you will need an always-on broadband or DSL Internet connection.   TOP

The real strength of an integrated POS system is the ability to link sales transactions directly to member accounts. With SQLPos in networked mode to Club Office Accounting, a sales transaction is normally viewable on the member's statement within ten seconds after the sale is closed.

Together, Club Office Accounting and SQLPos can manage all the special minimum, prepaid, "credit book," prize money and gift card balances that are specific to the club industry.

Such tight integration gives your office staff time to deliver member services instead of being buried in office work.   TOP


The list of SQLPos ready-to-use functions is extensive -- more than 80 are available. You may not need every function at every workstation, but because any button on any panel can be defined separately, you can define only the functions that are appropriate for the workstation involved.

On the screen to the right, the message "Out of Old Fizz" appears in the lower left message window. This is the "product out/push item" function and it can be used to distribute specific informational messages from any workstation to all workstations on the network.   TOP


The manager button displays common, everyday reporting and maintenance options. The Button Editor is used for designing the screens and assigning functions to buttons. Other options include functions to "pull" specific data updates from the main server if the workstation has been off the network for hardware maintenance; normally, the server updates the workstations automatically by sending a code to HeartBeat.

You can configure each workstation individually or configure them all from the main, central unit and distribute the changes to the respective workstations automatically. Normally, you'd update the remotes during an off-time of the day when sales are slow, but updating all remotes is certainly possible even during normal operation. What's important to know is that you don't have to take the whole system down to make a change.   TOP

SQLPos workstations automatically synchronize their system clocks to the designated server upon startup, ensuring that sales transactions are always correctly dated. However, you can override the normal date/time settings by using "sessions," which can span multiple days if you wish.

Central to the system's operation is the SQLPos HeartBeat, a small agent that runs continuously in the background, facilitating network communication between the workstation and the main server. If the connection should go down or the workstation taken off-line deliberately, SQLPos will continue to run and provide virtually all functionality. In off-line mode, some centrally-managed functions are of course disabled but if your computer still has access to the Internet, credit card processing is still available even though you may be off-line with the main file server.

Remote workstations can be networked via direct wiring or wireless connection. SQLPos uses standard Windows networking, making it easy to move units around.    TOP

At any time, employees and managers can print server and/or sales reports directly to the local receipt printer. This is a wonderfully convenient tool to help servers track their tips, as well as for normal end-of-shift activities such as balancing the cash drawer.

For off-line workstations, this screen is also used to export daily transactions to portable storage media; Club Office Accounting includes easy import functions to gather the sales data from the off-line workstations into the A/R system.   TOP

Closing out a workstation is easy and quick. SQLPos then ensures that all sales and inventory transactions are transferred to the main system by sending a special code to the HeartBeat agent to perform the data transfers automatically.

Closeouts of all on-line workstations can also be triggered centrally when Club Office Accounting issues the closeout code to HeartBeat.   TOP