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About Club Data Corporation

Club Data's roots started in the in the 1960's in the attic of a country club in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In the mid-1970’s, Club Data’s focus changed from providing processing services to providing accounting software for PC-based club offices. Club Data’s Club Management System (CMS) for DOS was born and Club Data stepped into the limelight as one of the major club software providers in the country.

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's and with the new interest in POS, Club Data created custom interfaces to various POS systems to import their sales transactions into our CMS Accounting System, thus extending the ability of clubs to service their members while recording sales more efficiently and automatically. In 2005, Club Data released SQLPos, an incredibly powerful POS system to provide users with a complete, fully-integrated solution instead of one that required custom interfces.

After nearly five years of development, we released Club Office in the fall of 1999. Club Office was one of the first Windows-only club accounting systems in the club industry. It has since matured into Club Office Professional, a full-featured yet extremely affordable club management system.

Our software suite continues to grow yet remain easily affordable while providing the highest level of data integrity. We take pride in the functionality and ease-of-use that our software provides, and the close, ongoing business relationships that we've developed with our customers. We know their businesses. They know us. It is our goal to further fill the needs of our customers nationwide with new software capabilities and exceptional customer service.

We understand the processes required to run club operations. We have excellent software tools that can help you be successful.

Corporate Information

Club Data Corporation is a privately held company and is incorporated in the State of Minnesota. Its principles are Scott R. Turnbull and David P. Haberle, having acquired complete ownership of the company in 2005.



Corporate Information

Club Data Corporation is a privately held company and is incorporated in the State of Minnesota. Its principle owners are Scott R. Turnbull and David P. Haberle. (BTW, We don't own the above building...we don't even know where it is... but this stock photo was available so we used it.) Actually, because of Covid-19 and safety concerns for Club Data staff, we've moved our company out of our former brick-and-mortar space into a virtual office. It's worked out extremely well!