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What Customers Say - Actual Email Comments

"ABSOLUTELY perfect!  The report is half as long as before and twice as useful."

"Hi guys, Just wanted to thank you once again for the HR enhancements you made to Club Office.  It’s made the new hire process so much quicker.  After I do their orientation and input the info on the new hire in the User Defined screen, I actually print that page and give it to the hiring manager.  This shows what documents are missing, their clock in number, email, and of course whatever else we want to share.   So much easier than accessing a separate spreadsheet to track things. SO, Thanks!"

"Thank you!!!  It was very easy and the spreadsheet I've created is a piece of cake thanks to the membership download.  I appreciate your prompt response to my E-Mail."

"The program change worked just fine. Thanks for looking into it so quickly! "

"Dave, it worked the very first time!  She set up FrontPage to upload the files and no problems!"

"Thank you for the clarification.  A couple of members of the board out here were asking about the tip amount, thinking that it should be on the W-2s and our accountant seemed to think so also.  I knew everything was fine. :-)"

"As usual, I have faith in your system that we’ll be up and running happy like we are in the F&B registers very soon. Thanks so much." (new pro shop conversion)

"Thanks for you speed, concern and most importantly, solutions with all my never ending questions. You guys really are the best.  Thank you!"

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