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LockBox Secure Data Storage

Do members use credit or debit cards at your club for the payment of dues or other regularly provided services? As a convenience to them as well as to your operation, do you keep their card numbers on file so you can use them as needed?

If you do, you are exposing your club to EXTREME financial
risk should those card numbers ever be stolen!

You can protect yourself and your club by storing those card numbers in a secure way using the same encryption methods prescribed by the credit card industry. What’s more, you can do so inexpensively using LockBox, a secure data storage software product from Club Data Corporation.

LockBox is a completely self-contained, single-user Windows module that uses industry standard 3DES encryption technology to keep your card information safe. LockBox can store credit card, debit card, or even bank routing/account information safely and securely. Should someone break into your office and steal the database or even the whole computer, they would not be able to use or even begin to decode the data because of the encryption used.

Your members have entrusted you to keep highly sensitive credit card and/or bank account information on file. You owe it to them to keep the information safe. LockBox is priced at only $250. Compare this low purchase price against potential fines of up to $50,000 per stolen credit card number and LockBox may just be the least expensive form of data protection you can buy.

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