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On-Line Statements

Providing your members with the option of viewing their statements via the Internet is not only a member-convenience, it can provide excellent cost-savings to your office operations by reducing the number of calls to the office for reprinted statements or questions about member charges. Because on-line statement data is provided in detail so your members can see everything, you can lessen the cost of postage by printing and mailing "consolidated" statements at the end of the mo nth which may be only one page in length, and letting your members view the detail in their leisure over the Internet.

On-Line Statements is instantly cost-effective and quite easy to install and maintain on YOUR OWN web site, eliminating the typical extra rental costs of a special web site. You don't need a secure, members-only area (unless you want one);  On-Line statement data is encrypted and the system includes 3-level security, built right in. For The member needs to know his/her membership number plus the assigned ID and PIN to access their data.

To use On-Line Statements, your web site must have the PHP scripting language available. PHP is probably the most widely used web server scripting language and virtually all commercial web hosts include PHP support without extra cost. (However, you may have to "turn it on" so that your web site can use it -- check with your ISP for more information.)

Putting On-Line Statements into operation is easy and quick; installing it on your web server uses simple drag-and-drop operations into a folder that you specify. Talk about easy!

To order On-Line Statements, contact  or call us at 952-941-0855

View a sample on-line statement

Click on the link below. Use the following case-sensitive settings:

  • Member # 249
  • ID: 249Car
  • Pin# TMT134
  • Select 2006 for the year
  • Select 06-June for the month.