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TimeClock is an optional add-on to Club Office that provides employee punch in/out time tracking functionality, an easy-to-use employee interface, and extends the capability of the Club Office employee and payroll system.

  • Integrated into Club Office employee and payroll modules
  • Integrated into SQLPos POS.
  • Easy to use with touch screen or mouse.
  • Prevents employees from working two or more jobs simultaneously
  • Built-in security and auditing
  • User-defined punch in/punch out rounding
  • Automatic workweek overtime calculation regardless of job the employee works
  • Manager overrides and edits for employee punches
  • Automatically syncs to a central time server
  • Networked or stand-alone
  • With optional local receipt printer, employees can print their own punch reports
  • Can use magstripe swipe cards for even greater security for each employee
  • Cost-effective add-on to Club Office Accounting