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Custom Forms Printing

Member Statements

Out of the box, our Club Office accounting system includes more than fifty statement templates. But many of our customers need something special, and we're always pleased to help. Some clubs want a logo ghosted onto the body of the statement, or some may want a special five-color masthead and a custom window envelope. Presenting your members with attractive, easy-to-read and accurate statements lessens their calls to your club's business office for additional explanation. And don't forget about our On-Line Statement capability which expands your statement presentment services even more.

Membership Cards

Even though your members may not need a membership card when they visit their own facility, it's always an important and valuable identification tool when they travel to other clubs. A custom membership card is always helpful and sometimes required by the host club, and it helps eliminate embarrassment for your members when they go abroad. But even at home, providing an attractive membership card to your members sends a positive message that he or she is important. Providing membership cards to dependent children and/or special guests can be vital to the success of other club operations, too.

Payables Checks

Our security check forms provide plenty of space for invoice detail not only for your vendors, but for your own internal controls. While some facilities combine payables and payroll into one account, other facilities have found it helpful to use different colors and layouts. Some customers choose check designs without check numbers and MICR coding and they let our Club Office software print them as the checks are used.

Payroll Checks

Payroll checks normally contain a lot of detailed data for not only the current payroll but year-to-date history as well. You want a check format that's easy for your employees to read and understand. Like payables checks, some customers choose different colors and check designs without check numbers and MICR coding and let our Club Office software print them as the checks are used.

Custom Envelopes

Whether it's a special window envelope, logo-ed or envelope-within-envelope, we can provide just the right ones that meet your needs and puts your best image forward.

End-of-year Tax Forms and Printing Services

With one simple call, you can order the W-2 and 1099 supplies that you need to finish those end-of-year reports. Our tax forms are approved for use by the federal government and are very competitively priced. Many clubs prefer to outsource their federal forms printing, and Club Data offers this service as well. For a nominal fee, you get the finished, printed forms back in only a matter of days. Tax form envelopes are also available.


We keep copies of your custom forms in our file and reorders are a snap. You can either call us, fax, send an email, or order your forms on-line through our secure support web site. If you need to change a design, a color or a piece of information such as a new phone number, bank number, etc. we'll always call you back to confirm your order.

Did you know?

Club Office comes with more than 50 member statement designs? The layouts are designed to fit on standard, 8-1/2 x 11 paper and most of them will work with your club's letterhead!

But if you need a custom member statement tailored just to your specific need or a preexisting statement form from your previous software system, let us know! If it can be printed on a laser or ink jet printer, there's a pretty good bet that we can make one just for you!