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Training Options

Whether it's on-site at your facility, in our office, or live via the Internet to the comfort of your private office or your home, Club Data is eager to help you get up-to-speed with your new systems.

Many customers prefer to take their initial training in our office, away from the day-to-day interruptions of their normal workdays. Others have preferred that they receive training on-site instead. Still others find their retention is greater if they receive their training in smaller 2 or 3 hour blocks, perhaps spreading it out over a week in multiple, live, interactive sessions over the Internet. In fact, the online "distance learning" training option has proven to be very popular because it's more convenient for the individuals, less expensive for the club and the trainees retain more information. In short, they learn better and retain it longer.

Most new customers want to know about all the Club Office modules: the membership manager, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, employee manager, payroll manager, inventory, fixed assets, the report generator, configuration options and system security. Along the way, we also cover daily and monthly procedures, safeguards, do's and don'ts, and important operational issues such as data security, making backups and general Windows networking situations.

Training on the SQLPos module includes setting up the module, configuration options, creating and changing POS screens, and the administrative tasks such as running reports and closing out. Operational issues such as security, auditing, analyzing server sales and reviewing server transactions are addressed. Ideas for effective screen designs to speed up transaction processing are a highlight of the session.

We can tailor a class specifically for you. Please contact us so we can discuss with you how Club Data can help you get the most value out of your system. Telephone: 952-941-0855 or email:

Online "Distance Learning"

Who should use it: New users certainly are excellent candidates. We cover a lot of ground in the normal 2-day "live" session but it's sometimes hard to assimilate all the information that quickly. Spreading training over multiple days helps some students. Internet training is also an excellent service for temporary workers who are filling in for a club's employee who is on vacation. An hour of training in A/P, for example, might be all a temp needs to get the job done and keep the club's payables in good shape.

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